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We are happy, that you decide to visit our web site.
It means for us, that you are open for new chances and possibilities in capturing of the great potential of Russian en East European market.


Would you like to attract new custumers(tourists) to your place of interest?
Search for new clients, bussiness partners and opportunties?  Need Translation of documents and Advertising brochures?


The quick development of the Russian economic and the biggest consumers market are facts for great business opportunities. Expansion in new markets need always small adjustments in approach like: new language, other mentality and different way of doing business.  


OOST WEST international will help you to realise your ideas and  approach Russian Market in the most easy and effective way.


Are you interested :

  •  To find partner and  start doing business  in Russia and formal Russian countries
  •  To increase the sales area  of your product and services.
  •  To find new possibilities for your business opportunities, investments.
  •  To attract Russian speaking customers (visitors, tourists)to your business in NL.
  •   Any other business, culture of personal connected interests and goals in Russia of other Formal Russian countries


OOST WEST International will help you to realise your ideas and approach Russian Market in the most easy and effective way, based on our knowledge of mentality, language and habits of your target group.


How we work:  We don’t use ready solutions. Each case deserves its own approach.


However, one thing we are convenced : We speak, think and have the same expectations like your potential customer. That‘s why we know, how to make your product and service attractive and interesting for the Russian market .  


OOST WEST international:  We have an Eye for the expentations of your client.


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